SunRun Expands Solar Power-as-Service Program to Massachusetts

solar panel photo

photo: Jeremy Levine

Massachusetts residents, want to put solar panels on your house but can't afford the initial price? Then SunRun and its solar power-as-service program may be for you. Though you do still have to pay a (comparatively) small upfront fee of $1000, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for the panels and installation yourself:Already operating in California and Arizona, SunRun's program operates along the same lines as other solar power leasing programs: SunRun installs, maintains, insures and owns the solar panels and you pay for the electricity they produce.

You Still Have an Electric Bill, But It'll Be Lower
You can either do this on a monthly basis, locking in a fixed rate for the power (which should lower your electrical bill slightly from the first month), or pay for the next 18 years of power up front. In the latter case, the only essential difference between installing and owning the panels yourself from a financial standpoint is that SunRun handles all the maintenance.

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