Sungevity Now Bringing 'RoofJuice' Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power to Australia

We've covered Sungevity and its solar-as-service leasing model for residential solar power a number of times, and even nominated them for a Best of Green award this year. Now, the Oakland-based company is expanding to Australia.

Sungevity has announced a joint venture with Nickel Energy, appropriately enough called Sungevity Australia and pioneering a program being called "RoofJuice". It's the first pay-as-you-go solar power program in Australia.

Sungevity says:
The average cost of a five-kilowatt system (the average system size in Australia) is 12,000 Australian dollars ($12,400). Now, with the introduction of Sungevity Australia’s “RoofJuice” option, homeowners can purchase solar-generated electricity with no upfront cost, giving them instant savings on their utility bills. Sungevity Australia’s “RoofJuice” option will be available starting in late May 2012 and will incorporate the company’s brand assets and proprietary software tools, including the company’s remote solar design services.

Sungevity Now Bringing 'RoofJuice' Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power to Australia
Sungevity's new joint venture is the first pay-as-you-go-solar power option for Australian homeowners.

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