This Submarine Runs on Renewable Hamsters

We're gonna need more hamsters. And a bigger sub.

This is just a plastic soda bottle modified into a submarine, with a hamster wheel, that spins a prop. Or ... is it an idea worth scaling up?

"The major difference between steam power and hamster power is that you don't have to shovel hamsters into a furnace," according to the sub's creators, two ocean engineering students. "Another key difference is the smaller carbon footprint made by hamster energy than that of coal and other fossil fuels."

They're cuddly. Cute. Their cages are not fun to clean. They can bite (ask my brother). Hamsters are amazing (to re-use an over-used, newly "banished" word). Here's the deal on this DIY gadget, featured at Anorak, a UK site. Total cost: $57.

The hamster runs. The "sub" moves ever so slowly. The bubbles are from a pump (not too efficient?). The hamster is able to breath, and get a little exercise.

Anyone out there who's seen "G-Force" or that Guinea pig rowing commercial, below, knows the possibilities. Snicker. Maybe bigger rodents would do the trick?

There's more at the official site for the HPS Hamstar --- the Hamster-powered sub.

What will they come up with next?

This Submarine Runs on Renewable Hamsters
Because with this power, you don't have to shovel hamsters into a furnace.

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