Steam Powered Internet Machine


Fuel Cells like the Voller are fine when you need power for your iPod or computer, but you have to find those expensive hydrogen cannisters. In this modern age you should be able to generate electricity for your iMac using any fuel. That is the beauty of Artists Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane's idea- steam engines are external combustion engines so you should be able to boil water with anything from cow patties to biodiesel. "We were thinking about something that connects the industrial revolution and the digital revolution," said Deller. Kane added: "They are worlds apart but there's also a proximity. The steam age and the digital age are not so far apart." So far it is not very efficient- "This is a very uneconomic way of having a portable computer." However, it is recycling a 1945 Merryweather boiler with brass taps, a whistle and smart teak cladding. ::Guardian