Statue of Liberty Freed of Fossil Fools


For 120 years Lady Liberty has stood tall, braving whatever weather blew her way. Now, finally, she is about to get some help, rather than hindrance from those pesky breezes. As of next month, 100% of the electricty needed to power the Statue of Liberty facilities on Liberty Island, and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, will come from the renewable energy of wind tubines. 27 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of the stuff, through a three year period, as provided by Pepco Energy Services. Over at The Oil Drum they would wistfully like to claim credit for galvanising the thought process that resulted in these winds of change, but are not too fussed how it happened, so long as the move shines as beacon of progress for renewables. Looks like ::Greenbiz broke the news, with Sustainablog close behind. Thanks to Mike for the tip.Speaking of wind power, Tipster Lascelles L thought readers might be interested in this online Googlised video entitled Winds of Change - Wind Power Advocacy. It runs for about 23 mins and is presented by the American Wind Energy Association.