Staples Passes Major Solar Energy Milestone

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With Wal-Mart going solar on 60 more stores, IKEA making massive solar and wind-energy purchases and Walgreens planning solar for 130 stores nationwide, big box retailers are putting their substantial weight behind solar power. Here's another to add to that list. MarketWatch reports that Staples has just passed a major solar energy milestone of more than 30 million kilowatt-hours of energy produced through solar installations on Staples' properties. Continuing a push for solar that Justin reported on back in 2007, the office retailer sees on-site renewable energy as a central part of its ongoing business strategy:

Since the solar hosting program between SunEdison and Staples began in 2005, SunEdison has developed solar installations on 33 Staples sites in California, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey, helping to avoid an estimated 45.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions to date. The installations include a 1.5 Megawatt array in Hagerstown, Maryland, among the largest in the state. The power from these renewable sources is used across the company's facilities, including Staples retail stores, delivery fulfillment centers, customer service call centers and sales offices. Additional solar installations on Staples' properties are planned.

Staples Passes Major Solar Energy Milestone
Big box retailers are getting into solar in a big way. Staples is the latest chain to make a major solar announcement.

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