SRS Energy Launches Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panels for Clay Tile Roofs

building integrated solar tiles photo

photo: SRS Energy

If you want to put solar panels on your roof but live in an area where either historic district regulations or just aesthetic concerns prevent you from installing conventional panels there are already building integrated photovoltaic panels available. But if you've got a clay tile roof, they only sort of blend in. Now SRS Energy has launched a thin film panel that better mimic curved clay tiles:The 37" wide by 18" long tiles—incorporating flexible solar cells made by UNI-SOLAR—are rated at 500 watts per 100 sq. feet. SRS says that in typical usage about 15% of a home's roof would be taken up by the Solé Power Tiles, with the remainder being traditional clay tiles.

OK, the Solé Power Tiles are black dark blue, so they don't really maintain that terra cotta look and frankly don't blend in any better than putting a traditional panel in place, but they've got the shape right.

via: Clean Technica
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