Sphelar®, Spherical Microsolar Cell Applications From Kyosemi Corp.


The photo is of two new photovoltaic device prototypes: a flexible see-through Sphelar® sheet; and, a dome-style Sphelar® module. "Sphelar® is the trademark given to a proprietary spherical solar cell product Kyosemi Corporation has developed on its own. This tiny solar cell measuring a mere 1 mm across " "Sphelar® captures light from all directions, which means it can catch reflected light and diffused light. In addition, there is no need for the superfluous operation of tracking the sun." "Sphelar is produced using a unique process whereby melted silicon is subjected to free fall , and spheres are formed naturally by the microgravity conditions, so there is hardly any waste of raw materials at all". Pretty much like a modern version of the "shot tower", but for use in the war on climate change (WACC). For details on projected energy efficiency, sheet stock and dome applications, commercialization strategy, and, also, a general description of how Laurie Anderson put Sphelar to use in a performance piece, look here . For engineering design details of the Anderson installation, look here . Kyosemi Corp. projects that cost of manufacturing will be roughly half that of rigid solar cell modules.

Via: Sustainable Industries Journal (subscription only).