Spanish Wind Power Supplies 50% of Demand Last Sunday Morning - #1 Electricity Source in November

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photo: Antonia Zugaldia via flickr.

I have to admit I sometimes get fed up with stats parsing like this, but this new Spanish wind power record is pretty impressive. The Spanish Wind Power Association (abbreviated AEE from the Spanish...) has announced that this past Sunday morning, November 8th, wind power supplied 50% of demand for the entire time period, and up to 53% at times:That record was set between the hours of 3:00 and 8:30 AM. Power demand during that time period ranged from 19,700 MW to 21,700 MW.

This new record bettered the previous best of 45.1% of demand, set last Thursday. Prior to that the record was 43% of demand, which occurred last November.

For the first nine days of November, wind power was the leading electricity source in Spain, generating 1,770,486 MWh. Natural gas came in second with 1,368,955 MWh; nuclear power came in third with 1,223,350 MWh

Averaged out of the year, wind power accounted for 11.8% of Spanish electricity demand in 2008.

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