Southern Californians, You Too Can Get Online Solar Power Cost Quotes

solar panels photo

photo: Sungevity

If you live in California, getting a quote on how much it will cost to install solar power for your home really doesn't get much easier than this... Give Sungevity your home address and an email address and just sit back:Within 24 hours (usually) Sungevity will provide you with info about your home's solar power potential, what return on investment you're likely to see at your location, and what your house would look like with different configurations of solar panels—all done using satellite imagery and aerial photography. All that done, Sungevity will connect you with an installer in your area.

If you live in Northern California, you've been able to do this for a while. But the news is that Sungevity has expanded operation to Southern California as well. Now 65% of the state can get online solar power cost quotes.

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