South-Korea to Invest $8.2B In Massive Offshore Wind Farms

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You Don't Need a Weatherman...
If there's one thing that South-Korea has a lot of, it's coastlines. Offshore wind power is a great fit for the country, which is probably why the government and private companies have decided to invest 9.2 trillion won ($8.2 billion) in offshore wind farms. A 100 MW pilot wind farm is scheduled to come online by 2013, to be followed by a 900 MW one by 2016, and then an additional 1,500 MW of further capacity by 2019, for a total of 2,500 MW and 500 turbines (huge 5 MW ones!).
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The new wind farms will be located on the country's West coast.

"The nation joins China, Denmark, the U.S. and other countries in developing offshore wind farms. Global offshore wind power capacity totals 2.9 gigawatts, with 2.6 gigawatts under construction and about 154 gigawatts planned or proposed, according to the ministry." (source)

Via Bloomberg, Techcrunch
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