South Africa Creates World-Leading Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariffs

south african sun photo

photo: Chris Eason via flickr

South Africa is no longer messing around when it comes to renewable energy promotion. Its national energy regulator (NERSA) has announced new 20-year feed-in tariff rates that are greater than those in Germany (widely held as the model of feed-in tariff implementation) and Ontario:The tariff for wind power will be 1.25 ZAR/kWh ($0.14/kWh). That's more than offered in Germany by €0.012 and in Ontario by CDN$0.035.

For concentrating solar power, the rate will be 2.10 ZAR/kWh ($0.232/kWh). For hydro: 0.94 ZAR/kWh ($0.104 kWh); for landfill gas 0.90 ZAR/kWh ($0.10/kWh). Other technologies may be included within the tariff structure in 6 months.

The goal of all this is to increase electricity generation from renewable sources to 10 TWh per year by 2013. Currently South Africa gets about 93% of its electricity from coal, 5% from nuclear, and 2% from power sources which these tariffs will support.

via: Renewable Energy World
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