Solyndra Sells $250 Million of Its Thin-Film Rooftop Solar Power Modules to GeckoLogic

This is Solyndra's video showing its manufacturing and installation process, which wasn't yet embedable when their new panels were first announced. Check it out.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Solyndra's new rooftop thin-film solar modules and that the company had $1.2 billion worth of contracts already in place. In an announcement this afternoon, the Fremont, Calif.-based company has provided more details about another of its customers:In a press release Solyndra has revealed that solar installer GeckoLogic GmbH has signed a contract worth approximately $250 million through 2012. This amount is included in the initial $1.2 billion announcement.

Other Solyndra customers, announced since product roll out on October 7th include: Phoenix Solar and Solar Power Inc.

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