SolarCity expands to sunny Nevada, starts taking orders today

SolarCity installation vans
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Some things make so much sense, they are no-brainers. It's often more a question of 'when' than of 'if'. That the biggest solar installer in the US would operate in sun-soaked Nevada fits the bill. After all, if solar power doesn't make sense in Nevada, where would it make sense?

So SolarCity is going to Nevada, and they're not twiddling their thumbs; they're taking orders starting today. This is great news. We're big fan of solar power in general, and of all companies that are working hard to make it accessible to average people by replacing the big upfront cost of buying a solar system by amortized payments (which are usually lower than what you'd pay to your utility anyway, so it's win-win-win). It's also great that energy generation is getting more decentralized, as it removes big single points of failure and makes the whole system resilient and brings production closer to where the power is used.

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SolarCity writes: "SolarCity can allow Nevada homeowners to go solar for as little as $30 per month, with design, installation, financing, insurance, monitoring and a performance guarantee included." They're beginning their coverage in and around Las Vegas, which makes a lot of sense as that's where most of the population is: "SolarCity will begin taking the first orders from Nevada homeowners today. The company will participate in NV Energy’s SolarGenerations Program, which is currently expected to reopen in August. SolarCity expects to begin installing at the end of October and will accommodate customers on a first-come, first-served basis. The company will initially serve customers of NV Energy in the greater Las Vegas Area, including the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Winchester, Paradise, Henderson and Boulder City."

“With its solar resource, Nevada has an opportunity to be a national leader in distributed renewable power generation,” said Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity. “We expect today’s announcement to initially create more than 100 jobs, but a sustainable local solar industry could create thousands of jobs. We hope to partner with the state and industry to create the business and regulatory certainty that can pave the way for a thriving local solar economy.”

In other news, Lyndon and Peter Rive, the brothers who run SolarCity, have been taken the #3 spot in Fortune's The World's Top 25 Eco-Innovators. It's kind of a family affair, since their cousin is #1...

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