SolarCentury Expands its Horizons Once More


SolarCentury, the company behind the recent installation of a huge solar tile array in East London, just keeps on growing. Not long ago it announced that it was opening offices in Spain, and now it looks like the company is set to expand further, having just completed a £13.5m (US$17m) round of financing to fund its product development and international expansion strategy. The new investment was led by Zouk Ventures, a European Cleantech investor, and co-led by Good Energies, a global investor in renewable energy. Samer Salty, CEO of Zouk Ventures, had this to say:

"Solarcentury has an impressive track record in the UK solar market and we are excited about the prospect of further European expansion. Favourable market conditions, supportive legislation and early sales successes have signaled that now is the time to push further into international markets. The Company's experienced management team is well positioned to capture the fast growing building integrated solar opportunity and we look forward to working with them"

SolarCentury have previously hit the headlines for their award-winning 'Complete Solar Roof', a unit that incorporates solar thermal and solar electric technologies in a tile that is installed like a regular roofing tile. For more on SolarCentury, check out our brief interview with CEO Jeremy Leggett. ::SolarCentury::via site visit::

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