Solar Thermal Power to Aid Oil Drilling in California

brightsource energy photo

photo: BrightSource Energy

Solar thermal power developer BrightSource Energy has begun construction on a 29 MW power plant in Coalinga, California, but rather than generating electricity from the steam produced by the system, the whole thing will aid in the recovery of oil for Chevron. The New York Times has the details:The idea is to inject the steam in the oil wells to help Chevron (which is one of the BrightSource's investors, by the way) maximize production at the site -- something which BrightSource CEO Keely Wachs says is a "potentially a very lucrative market for us."

The plant will be built by BrightSource, with Chevron owning and operating it. Everything is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

BrightSource has contracts for 2.6+ GW of solar thermal power plants for electricity in California alone, but so far has only actually completed a 6 MW demonstration plant in Israel.

via: New York Times

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