Solar-Powered Fish Fry: Extreme Cooking (Video)

solar powered fish fry photo

Image credit: Green Power Science

It's been a long time since we checked in on Dan and Denise Rojas of Green Power Science—the folks who previously brought us videos on how to make a homemade solar collector from a satellite dish; a DIY solar space heater made from campaign signs, not to mention some thoughts on DIY solar pool heating. But it seems the Rojases are returning to one of their favorite tricks—solar flash frying using a fresnel lens. And this time it's fish on the menu.

Denise's previous experiments with flash solar cooking eggs did draw some commenters to critique her cooking skills—and I must admit that that isn't the most tasty looking fish fry I have ever seen. But the point here is not how to make a fish fry. It's showing how incredibly powerful the sun can be.

And Denise demonstrates that masterfully. Now all she needs is some chips, mushy peas, and malt vinegar and she'll have a real meal. For more eco-culinary strangeness, check out this roundup of 6 crazy low carbon cooking techniques.

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