Solar-Powered Car Charging in Rainy England (Video)

fully charged solar panels photo

Image credit: Fully Charged

With whole towns trying to go solar, and community-owned power stations springing up on brewery roofs, it's fair to say that solar is going mainstream in the UK. One of the latest people to take advantage of generous government feed-in tariffs is comedy legend and electric car advocate Robert Llewellyn, who walks us through the installation on his home, and explores the tantalizing possibility of zero emission transport.

With some folks arguing that solar power never makes economic sense, and others that solar feed-in tariffs are a rip off, it's clear that Llewellyn's argument for essentially "free" energy should be taken with a pinch of salt. As he runs through the numbers, it's also evident that much of the economics of pay-back he cites is heavily reliant on the feed-in tariffs.

Nevertheless, as he argues in his conclusion, solar panels and electric cars may be expensive—but then so are massive government subsidies to multinational oil giants. Sure, wind, conservation, insulation and bikes should probably all come before solar and electric cars. But this still feels like a step in the right direction.

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