Solar Power to Provide 80% Of Bolthouse Farms' Palmdale, Calif. Operation's Electricty

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image: Bolthouse Farms
Wm. Bolthouse Farms, grower and marketer of a wide range of juices, salad dressings and carrots (including the organic brand "Earthbound Farm"), has announced that it has installed a solar power system at its Palmdale, California location which will supply 80% of the sites electricity needs.

The 1.9MW solar array will be owned and operated by MMA Renewable Ventures under a long-term power purchase agreement with Bolthouse Farms. Explaining the benefits of using a PPA instead of buying the panels outright, Bolthouse issued the follow statement:Cost Savings From Day One

By securing power through a power purchase agreement rather than a major capital investment, Bolthouse Farms benefits from a renewable energy system that is cost-effective on its first day of operation, and for years to come.

It is estimated that Bolthouse's new solar array will enable the company to avoid emitting approximately 2,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. More at: Bolthouse Farms.

A laudable effort, but here are some farms going one step beyond what Bolthouse is doing:

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