Solar Power Storage, Cleantech Water Power Research Gets Federal Cash Injection

photo: Kris Unger/Verdant Power, Inc.

14 Cleantech Water Projects Will Receive Funding

The DOE will be giving out $7.3 million to 14 research teams as part of its competitive solicitation for Advanced Water Power Projects. According to Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy John Mizroch, “The Department of Energy is aggressively pursuing the development of next-generation technologies that are capable of producing renewable energy to add to our nation’s diverse energy portfolio. Wave, tidal and current-driven hydro power is an important clean, natural and domestic energy source that will promote energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

More detail on each project is available from the Department of Energy website, but here’s the rundown.

The following projects, in the Technology Development topic area will be receiving up to $600,000 for up to two years:

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc (EPRI) (Palo Alto, Calif.) Fish-friendly hydropower turbine development & deployment.

Verdant Power Inc. (New York, N.Y.) Improved structure and fabrication of large, high-power kinetic hydropower systems rotors.

Public Utility District #1 of Snohomish County (SnoPUD) (Everett, Wash.) Puget Sound Tidal Energy In-Water Testing and Development Project.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E;) (San Francisco, Calif.) WaveConnect Wave Energy In-Water Testing and Development Project.

Concepts ETI, Inc (White River Junction, Vt.) Development and Demonstration of an Ocean Wave Converter (OWC) Power System.

Lockheed Martin Corporation (Manassas, Va.) Advanced Composite Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) cold water pipe project.

In the Market Acceleration topic area, the following projects will be receiving up to $500,000

Electric Power Research Institute (Palo Alto, Calif.) Wave Energy Resource Assessment and GIS Database for the U.S.

Georgia Tech Research Corporation (Atlanta, Ga.) Assessment of Energy Production Potential from Tidal Streams in the U.S.

Re Vision Consulting, LLC (Sacramento, Calif.) Best Siting Practices for Marine and Hydrokinetic Technologies With Respect to Environmental and Navigational Impacts.

Pacific Energy Ventures, LLC (Portland, Ore.) Siting Protocol for Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Projects.

PCCI, Inc. (Alexandria, Va.) Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Technologies:  Identification of Potential Navigational Impacts and Mitigation Measures.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (San Diego, Calif.) International Standards Development for Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy.

In the third topic area, National Marine Energy Centers, the following projects will receive up to $1.25 million for up to 5 years.

Oregon State University (OSU), University of Washington (UW) (Corvallis, Ore. and Seattle, Wash.) Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. OSU and UW will partner to develop the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center with a full range of capabilities to support wave and tidal energy development for the U.S. Center activities are structured to: facilitate device commercialization, inform regulatory and policy decisions, and close key gaps in understanding.

University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii) National Renewable Marine Energy Center in Hawaii will facilitate the development and implementation of commercial wave energy systems and to assist the private sector in moving ocean thermal energy conversion systems beyond proof-of-concept to pre-commercialization, long-term testing.

:: US Department of Energy
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