Solar Power Storage, Cleantech Water Power Research Gets Federal Cash Injection

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Back in June the US Department of Energy announced it was investing $90 million in advanced geothermal power research to help develop more of the vast power potential of geothermal. Now the DOE has announced the recipients of more federal funding to develop renewable energy technologies: Cleantech water power and solar power storage. The amount of funds for each isn't as much of for advanced geothermal, $7.3 million and $67.6 million respectively. The lucky/worthy recipients are:

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15 Solar Power Storage and Heat Transfer Projects Funded

As part of its Funding Opportunity Announcement for Advanced Heat Transfer Fluids and Novel Thermal Storage Concepts for Concentrating Solar Power Generation, the DOE will be awarding $67.6 million to 15 projects.

According to the DOE, these projects will promote its goal of reducing the cost of electricity generate from concentrating solar power systems from 13-16 cents/kWh today (with no storage) to 8-11 cents/kWh with six hours of storage by 2015, and less than 7 cents/kWh with 12-17 hours of storage by 2020.

You can read further description of the following projects on the Department of Energy website, but here's the list of what projects will be funded, their titles, where the research will be done and how much they have been awarded:

Abengoa Advanced Thermal Energy Storage for Central Receivers and Supercritical Coolants (Lakewood, Colorado) Up to $1.9 million.

AbengoaReducing the Cost of Thermal Energy Storage for Parabolic Trough Solar Power Plants(Lakewood, Colo.) Up to $12.5 million.

AccionaIndirect, Dual-Media, Phase Change Material Thermal Energy Storage Module (Henderson, Nev.) Up to $22.5 million.

AccionaSensible Heat, Direct, Dual-Media Thermal Energy Storage Module (Henderson, Nev.) Up to $690,000.

City University of New York (CUNY)A Novel Storage Method for Concentrating Solar Power Plants Allowing Operation at High Temperatures (New York, N.Y.) Up to $1.9 million.

General AtomicsThermochemical Heat Storage for Concentrating Solar Power (San Diego, Calif.) Up to $2.4 million.

Infinia CorporationInnovative Application of Maintenance Free Phase Change Thermal Energy Storage for Dish Engine Solar Power Generation (Kennewick, Wash.) Up to $9.4 million.

Lehigh University (LU)Novel Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Concentrating Solar Power Generation (Bethlehem, Pa.) Up to $1.5 million.

SymyxDeep Eutectic Salt Formulations Suitable as Advanced Heat Transfer Fluids (Sunnyvale, California) Up to $2.3 million.

TerraforeHeat Transfer and Latent Heat Storage in Inorganic Molten Salts for Concentrating Solar Power Plants (Riverside, Calif.) Up to $1.8 million.

Texas Engineering Experiment StationMolten Salt Carbon Nanotube Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power Systems (College Station, Texas) Up to $1.9 million.

University of Alabama (UA)Novel Molten Salts Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power Generation (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) Up to $1.9 million.

University of Arkansas (UA)Development and Performance Evaluation of High Temperature Concrete for Thermal Energy Storage and Solar Power Generation (Fayetteville, Ark.) Up to $770,000.

University of Connecticut (UConn)Novel Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power (Storrs, CT) Up to $1.8 million.

US Solar HoldingsCSP Energy Storage Solutions — Multiple Technologies Compared (Boise, Idaho) Up to $4.35 million.

14 Cleantech water projects will receive funding:

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