Solar Power International Photo of the Day: Giving GreenVolts 'Utility-Scale' Concentrating Solar PV a Sense of Scale

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Back in September, Jaymi reported on San Francisco-based GreenVolts raising $30 million in series B funding for their 2 MW concentrating solar photovolatic (CPV) pilot project. In her post there were some photos of GreenVolts' innovative technology, but they don't really give you a sense of the scale. Which is why I was happy to get a chance to snap the photo above at Solar Power International.

In case you missed it, here's how GreenVolts touts some of the benefits of its variety of CPV:Highest Conversion Efficiency, Highest Energy Density
GreenVolts claims that their proprietary design—at SPI, GreenVolts wasn't too keen on people with better than cell phone cameras taking pictures—"maximizes the level of sunlight reaching the solar cell and the conversion efficiency of the system. With a modular conversion efficiency of 20%, and a verified unit level efficiency of 28%, it is the highest in the industry."

The company also claims that their CarouSol allows for an "unparalleled energy density of 500+ MWh/acre/year" thereby using less land than other solar technologies to produce the same amount of power.

map: GreenVolts
GV1 Power Plant
Located in Byron, California, GreenVolts' GV1 2 MW power plant will be fully completed in 2009, with the first 1 MW coming online later this year. The electricity produced will be purchased by PG&E; as part of a 20-year power purchase agreement. It is estimated that the project will generate enough electricity for 1500 homes.

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