Solar Power International 2008 Opens: Here's How You Can Participate

photo: San Diego Convention Center

As Solar Power International 2008 , the self-proclaimed largest solar power industy event in US history, starts off today in earnest in San Diego its worthwhile noting for TreeHugger readers in Southern California that you don’t have to be involved in the business to take part in this year’s activities.

If you’re in the vicinity, and want to check out everything I’ll be writing about over the next few days, stop by the San Diego Convention Center from 5:30-8:30pm on Wednesday, October 15th to find out what over 400 solar companies are up to; investigate financing options that are available to install solar power at your home; explore how you can get a job in the rapidly growing solar industry. There are also three free workshops you can attend on the 15th:
Solar Photovoltaics for Home Owners: 6-7pm

This session will provide information on the different solar technologies available for homes. The workshop will provide a comparison of PV options -- crystalline vs. amorphous, roof vs. ground vs. tracker. You’ll also learn how to read your electric bill and how to estimate the amount of PV needed to peak shave or eliminate your bill. In addition, the session will cover the steps needed to receive a cash rebate through the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

Solar Water Heating for Home Owners: 7-8pm
The session will provide information on the different solar water heating technologies and their appropriate applications. Information will also be provided on the new Solar Water Heating Pilot Program, open to SDG&E; electric customers. Homeowners can receive up to $1500 in incentive for the installation of a qualifying solar water heater through the new program.

Find Your Solar Dream Job
This workshop will provide an overview of the job opportunities in solar including strategies for getting in to the industry and some of the most common solar related jobs. In addition, representatives from several job types and market spaces will participate in a panel discussion. This workshop will provide the resources needed to start your solar career.

9th Annual San Diego Solar Home Tour
In addition, if you’re contemplating installing a solar energy system on your house, but would like to talk to a variety of other homeowners who’ve already gone down that path (and the installers who helped them), then this Saturday’s self-guided solar homes tour is for you. From 10am-3pm on the 18th, just look for the Solar Homes Tour lawn signs, walk up and ask your questions.

More information is available at Solar Energy Week 2008 (including a listing of the solar homes available for viewing) and at Solar Power International 2008.

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