Solar Power Brings Clean Water & Clean Lighting to Haiti Relief Effort

haiti earthquake damage photo

photo: United Nations Development Programme via flickr.

Amidst the rubble of earthquake in Haiti and all the efforts to mobilize funding to help with the relief effort, I just wanted to pass along two examples that have come across my desk of how solar power is being used to bring both clean water and clean light to bear on the cleanup:50,000 Solar Lamps + Solar Hospital Lighting
The first is from EarthSpark International: The Cambridge, Mass.-based non-profit is raising money to bring 50,000 solar-powered lamps, flashlights, and mobile phone chargers to Port-au-Prince, as well as install a 1.8 kilowatts of solar powered lighting in hospitals run by Partners in Health.

At the moment funds have been raised for the solar lighting for Partners in Health and for about 6,500 lamps and 800 phone chargers.

Supplying the lamps will be a number of companies previously covered by TreeHugger: SunNight Solar, SunTransfer, D.Light Design, and Barefoot Power.

SunNight Solar's CEO talking about one of the types of solar powered lighting EarthSpark is distributing in Haiti, from March of last year.

More info: EarthSpark International
500+ Solar Powered Water Filtration Units to be Delivered
The second effort, by LifeGivingForce, is raising money to bring over 500 solar-powered water purification systems to Haiti.

The goal is to deliver 10 large units, capably of filtering 15,000 gallons of water daily, and 500 small units, which can clean 2,500 gallons a day. Both are entirely solar-powered, with the large units capable of running up to 96 hours on battery power should weather conditions prohibit adequate solar charging.

More info: LifeGivingForce
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