Solar Locker for Electric Bikes

solar-2lrg.jpg You know that rush you feel when you do something good for the environment? Especially if it involves you acquiring a shiny new product like a cute electric scooter or an electric bike. Well, the Solar Shell(TM)Electric Bike Charging Station is a product that the ultimate solar geek will not want to be without, but which is also screaming for some out-of-the-box thinking about the questions that drive the consumer demand for a solar locker. For example, where can I store my expensive electric bike when I arrive at work or stop to run an errand? Many traditional bikers have a decent bike for touring and a second "city-bike"--so ratty they are willing to park it using lock technology that costs only a day's wages. But every electric bike is, by definition, a serious investment. If electric bikes are to be an integral part of a more efficient society rather than just a shiny toy, an infrastructure must be imagined which supports safely parking and even recharging such vehicles. The traditional herd of bikes straggling across the sidewalk would quickly reach unacceptable proportions with the often more voluminous electric bikes in common use.

Which brings us to the second question: can you imagine an infrastructure of solar lockers at key locations around the city, rented by the hour much like a parking space often is? Would your employer support dedicating part of the parking lot to the purpose? Some re-design to look less like a bunker would certainly help. Even offering 359 colors cannot disguise the fact that twenty of these lined up on a swipe-card system would look like a row of portable toilets.

With those questions we open the floor: if you have seen the perfect solution for safe storage and reliable recharging of your electric bike, or if you know of any commendable public infrastructure (like the bike trees of Geneva) leave a comment or drop us a tip (tips at treehugger dot com). [by ©C. Lepisto]


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