Africa's Biggest Solar Farm to be Built in Ghana (155 Megawatts)

Enough to Power 100,000 Homes

The ambitious Desertec African solar project might be having trouble getting started, but it's not the only solar game in town. The Nzema project in Ghana is one of those. If all goes well, it should add about 6% to Ghana's total electricity generation capacity with its 155-megawatt of solar panels (PV, not thermal). That should be enough to power 100,000 homes!

The project is being developed by Blue Energy, a UK firm, and being built by Mere Power Nzema Ltd.

"The project has land, it has planning consent, it has a generating licence, and it has received a feed-in tariff," Project director Douglas Coleman said, "it is the right plant in the right place at the right time."

The installation of the 630,000+ solar PV modules that will make up the solar farm is scheduled to begin by the end of 2013, with electricity starting to flow in early 2014. The project won't be completed before 2015, though.

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