Solar Backup Proposed For Nuclear Power Plants

1957 atomic test control room

"1957 ... control room- atomic test." Image credit:Flickr, x-ray delta one

PennEnergy and multiple other sources have 'published' a press release by The Foundation for Resilient Societies , which by it's own accounting is "a committee of engineers" that "is not an antinuclear group" that formally proposes "solar panels and other high-reliability power sources to supply backup cooling for spent fuel pools at nuclear plants." Solar panels won't run out of diesel and, hence, could assist with spent rod cooling during the day. Might be a bit of an issue at night or in the heavily overcast months of winter, though.Solar power's limitations could be mitigated with backup batteries; but.. fail-safe design improvements could also be applied for diesel backup generators. Batteries, a series of shock resistant fuel tanks, and use of flex mounted power cables, to cite just a few examples.

The wonder of resilience.
Sara Palin is resilient. Japan has been resilient, given the high natural disaster risks they face. Everyone thought - superstitiously it turns out - that Planet Earth was astoundingly resilient until, a century on into the Industrial Revolution, the shock waves created by the carbon bomb were measured - no modeling needed, thank you very much.

At the bottom of the resilience pecking order are the 100+ US nuclear power plants which still rely on analog process controls: long after nucs on other continents went digital, and seemingly oblivious to internet protocol resilience. (Milking the profit center is what it's all about.) Note: internet protocols pre-date 9/11 and isolated networks are not a novel idea.