Solar Aid Cyclist Attempts Fastest Round-the-World Trip, Gets Hit By Truck

The world's fastest wooden bike was a pretty cool story. But it's not the only world record attempt being undertaken on two wheels.

Sean Conway is currently in the process of attempting the world's fastest solo, unsupported round-the-world trip in an effort to raise money for SolarAid—the charity whose work has transformed school performance in East Africa; promoted micro-entrepreneurial clean energy solutions; and introduced poor rural communities to pay-as-you-go solar. He's aiming to cover 18,000 miles in just 150 days.

There's only one problem. Sean just got hit by a truck.

This is how he broke the news on his Cycling the Earth blog:

Somehow he hit me slap bang in the middle of his car. I was spun onto his bonnet and then was thrown off into the dirt. My worst nightmare came true and I now battle a fracture to my spine, torn muscles in my right leg, chipped tooth and concussion. Its no cliche but my helmet saved my life.

My bike is also a complete write off. That's £4000 worth of kit sitting all mangled and disfigured. This is not how things turned out in my story. I am determined to carry on though. The world record may be out of reach but raising money for kids in Africa is still high on my priority list. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in these dark few days. I still have 13000 miles to cycle and I'll be damned if I don't finish them.

Having been taken in by strangers to recover, and after receiving free replacement equipment from Spokes Bike Shop in Little Rock (hey, I think they deserve a plug for that!), Conway is getting ready to get back on the road. He's been given the all clear, and the Guiness world record folks have even agreed to stop the clock to allow for his recovery.

Whether he is physically up for the actual record remains to be seen. But whatever happens, this is one courageous dude. Head over to Cycling the Earth if you'd like to lend your support.

Here's a local news report about the incident and the folks who helped him get back on track.

Solar Aid Cyclist Attempts Fastest Round-the-World Trip, Gets Hit By Truck
A brave cyclist attempting to circumnavigate the globe for charity is hit by a truck in Arkansas. But that's not likely to stop him.

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