Snowkiting Expedition Promotes Wind Energy


We recently received an email from the ‘To Cross the Moon’ (2XTM) snowkiting expedition. Now we are particular enamoured by engine-less outdoor pursuits, so the idea of scudding across a winter landscape, having hitched a ride to the wind via parafoil does have appeal. But of more direct Treehuggery interest is that the trip was also an educational, awareness-raising venture. While Sam Salwei and Jason Magness attempted to snowkite across North Dakota, from Canada to South Dakota, an accompanying support crew was giving presentations to over 1,000 people throughout the state. Highlighting the potential for wind energy in North Dakota, which according to the team has the possibility of generating enough power to light up 32% of the USA. Perversely the expedition was called off after 12 days, due in part to lack of snow, partly attributable to global warming, which in turn is fed by our vast fossil fuel use. But in that time the guys covered 248 miles (400 km), one day doing 28 miles (45 km) in 90 minutes. A top speed of 35.8 mph (58 kph) was recorded, so there appears to be plenty of that wind stuff for Dakota to work with. ::To Cross the MoonPics by

See also our post on the Earthflyer (wind powered skateboard across Australia) and the sport of windskiing.

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