SmartPower's Clean Energy Ad Challenge; Win $10,000


"Clean energy. It's real. It's here. It's working." So says SmartPower, a nationwide, non-profit marketing campaign that promotes clean energy. Issued in 2003 their 20% by 2010 challenge aims to have 20% of the US energy supply come from clean, renewable sources by 2010. SmartPower focuses on communicating the overall quality and dependability of clean energy to a mainstream audience thus building a robust clean energy market by stimulating demand for clean energy in new market segments. Their approach seems to be working; in 2004, SmartPower and collaborators created demand for over 100 gigawatt-hours (GWH) of clean energy in Connecticut!

The group uses a mix of traditional and viral marketing methods and works in close collaboration with cities and towns, faith communities, educational institutions and businesses to spread their message. Right now, they need your help! Become the winner of $10,000 by participating in their Clean Energy Ad Challenge a YouTube video contest. More below the fold Simply create and submit a 30 second TV ad that will educate Americans about Clean Energy and encourage them to use more wind, solar and water power before the April 22nd 2007 deadline. Apart from the cash prize, the winning ad will have the honor of being included in SmartPower's national TV ad campaign. See your competition here. For additional inspiration take a peak at their television and radio ads created in collaboration with the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) here.

If you want to align yourself with the SmartPower mission but the video contest is not up your alley, you can contact the organization at or 860-249-7040 to find details on how to make clean energy purchases, what the costs are, how to garner support, and how to publicize your successes! :: SmartPower :: Clean Energy Ad Challenge :: Thanks to Jamie Serino for the tip!

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