Siemens Lays Off 38% of US Workforce - Cites Lack of Wind Power Support Romney Favors

That wind power jobs and installations in the US rise and fall in line with federal tax policy for the renewable energy source is solidly established, with the wind industry long warning politicians that jobs will be lost if the wind power tax credit is allowed to expire—a position largely backed by Republicans in Congress barring those from states likely to be affected, as well as presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Now, in anticipation of the tax credit expiring at the end of the year, Siemens has announced that 615 employees will be laid off, a reduction of its US workforce of 38%. The layoffs will occur at plants in Iowa, Kansas, and Florida.

The company says a workforce adjustment is necessary until market demand for turbines revives. Analysts forecast US turbine installations could reach 12GW this year but plunge to between 1.5GW and 3GW in 2013, as developers freeze projects and orders to await a decision by Congress on whether to extend the federal production tax credit (PTC). (Recharge News)

Keeping in mind the fact that Barack Obama supports extending the tax credit, here's Mitt Romney's statement on the layoffs, via Think Progress:

Today’s layoffs at Siemens are yet another unfortunate reminder of the Obama Economy where American families have suffered from chronic unemployment, increased poverty and falling incomes.  There is a fundamental disconnect between President Obama’s philosophy of the need for redistribution of wealth and the free market economy which our country was founded on. President Obama has focused on attacking the success of others rather than applauding their accomplishments and urging others to strive for similar success. Mitt Romney’s plan for a stronger middle class will foster the dignity of work, champion innovation, generate new wealth, and create 12 million new jobs in his first term alone in a variety of sectors, including wind.

The sheer Orwellian bassackwardness here of Romney astounds. It's obtuseness, and obfuscation pure and simple. If anything it's another unfortunate reminder of the utter out-of-touchness and delusion of Mitt Romney. The man operates in an alternate reality, a mythology referencing a golden age that by and large never existed.

Siemens Lays Off 38% of US Workforce - Cites Lack of Wind Power Support Romney Favors
Yet, Romney blames Obama for it all. In what Orwellian world does this make sense?

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