Show your love for renewable energy — it's #iheartrenewables week

wind farm
© Getty Images/ Mark Brake/ Wind farm on September 29

Following up on a fun #iheartwind week, the American Wind Energy Association (@AWEA), the Solar Energy Industries Association (@SEIA), the American Council On Renewable Energy (@ACORE), and others have designated this week leading up to Earth Day as #iheartrenewables week.

You can help spread the message that we need, want, and love renewable energy by joining in the fun on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+. All you have to do is share some love in text, with pictures, with video, or in some other creative way while adding this tag on the end of your share or tweet: #iheartrenewables

I'm sharing 8 of my favorites clean energy videos on Twitter and Google+ in order to celebrate (and probably much more, to be honest). Here are some more ideas provided by David Ward of AWEA, the first person to let me know about this fun initiative:

    2. Taking a picture of yourself at a wind farm
    3. Taking a picture of yourself at work, at home, or anywhere and holding up a sign for why you "heart" renewables.
    4. You can even tell us why you support federal policy, like the Production Tax Credit or PTC, that encourages American wind power's growth.

Look to tag @SEIA, @AWEA, @ACORE, @TreeHugger, and me (@zshahan3) in your tweets or shares!

Show your love for renewable energy — it's #iheartrenewables week
Do you think we need to shift to solar, wind, and geothermal energy? Then show some love this week in order to help grow this important societal transition.

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