Shiloh Wind Power Plant: A Profile Of California's Wind Power Future


The San Francisco Chronicle recently profiled California's Shiloh wind project:- “One hundred white windmills, their blades stretching 122 feet, line the hilltops west of Rio Vista…Each of its turbines can generate the same amount of electricity as 15 older windmills, some of which still dot the same grassy hills…It is spread across 6,800 acres, vastly more than a traditional power plant would require. At roughly $220 million, it also cost more to build than a plant burning natural gas or coal…But as Shiloh's developers note, its fuel is free...The turbines pump no carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or sulfur dioxide into the air. And the land still belongs to property owners who will continue using it to grow hay and graze sheep. For project details a pdf download is available here .


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