Semi-Celebrity Endorsed Windpower

Windmill energy park proposed off Long Island. NEW YORK - The grandson of marine scientist Jacques Cousteau is backing a proposal to build a large windfarm four miles south of Long Island.

Does this mean semi-famous TreeHuggers will also be asked to endorse projects? Just wondering.

The Long Island Power Authority and representatives of FPL Energy proposed an 140 MW "wind energy park" on an 8-square-mile area south of Cedar Beach. Backers indicate it could be operating as early as 2008 (about 12 years faster than an expedited nuclear generator could be licensed and put up).Costeau's New York City based organization has a full press release out on the project.

The most amazing part is that the press release plays the security card, wherein a spokesman states: "Today we draw a symbolic line in the sand and say we're tired of being held hostage to OPEC and other foreign oil producers, and we're going to do something positive to develop an alternative energy resource that will heal, not hurt the environment,"

by: John Laumer