Selsam Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine Still Spinning

city-in-wind-turbine photo

When we first wrote about Doug Selsam's multi-rotor wind turbines three years ago, it attracted some nasty and dismissive comments. When Jetson Green and Engadget posted (very old) pictures we went back and had a look at Selsam's website we found that while the site design is stuck in 2004, the contents are not.

Beside the fact that his turbines are out of prototype and actually for sale, which should take some of the wind out of the sails of the complainers three years back, Doug presents some grand new visions, like his 2,000 foot city-within-a-city tower that is a "net exporter of power, and desalinates its own fresh water."


Another fascinating idea is his offshore Superturbine. Unlike conventional turbines, it does not have to be engineered to stand straight in the face of the wind, but can bend with the wind. This "lowers costs by eliminating all unnecessary components that do not directly contribute to power generation. Flotation near the surface forms a fulcrum, with the weight of the rotors and driveshaft balanced by a downward force from mooring below. The result, combined with the force of the wind, defining the projecting angle of the shaft. The rotors can be staggered, spiral, or in line."


Here is an offshore turbine that even Ted Kennedy could love; the "minimalist structure offers minimal visual impact"


Congratulations to Doug Selsam for continuing dream such big dreams, and persevering in the face of criticism from so many "experts." ::Selsam Innovations in Alternative Energy