Seaweed Biodiesel Cooperation Between S. Korea, Indonesia Announced

bali seaweed farms photo

Seaweed farms on Bali, photo: Hassan Abdel-Rahman.

Italian biodiesel producers are interested in it; the UK’s Crown Estate has expressed support as well. Now Indonesia is looking to capitalize on its abundant supplies of seaweed and turn it into biodiesel. To do so it’s engaging the help of South Korea, Cleantech reports. While S. Korea has the know-how, it doesn’t have enough seaweed, with the reverse being true of Indonesia.Cultivated Seaweed to be Used
In 2006, Indonesia harvested over a million tons of seaweed, a figure which is expected to nearly double by 2009, and is hoping to turn a portion of that into biodiesel—with the goal of lowering the price of biodiesel from $2/liter to $1/liter.

The seaweed is being cultivated in Maluku, East Belitung and Lombok. The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology will be supplying the processing technology.

No word on when seaweed biodiesel processing will begin or the location of processing facilities.

via: Cleantech
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