SeaGen Tidal Turbine Begins Full Operation in Northern Ireland

seagen tidal turbine image
We’ve written about the SeaGen tidal power turbine a number of times as the world’s first commercial scale tidal turbine gets up to full speed. So we are pleased to report that the turbine is now operating at its full capacity of 1.2 MW—the most power produced by a tidal turbine anywhere in the world to date. This where SeaGen goes from here:Can Operate for 22 Hours Per Day
SeaGen will now move on to operating for up to 22 hours per day, with regular maintenance and further testing being carried out.

The next project to employ SeaGen is a 10.5 MW project off the coast of Anglesey, Wales which should come online in 2011 or 2012. Marine Current Turbines, the turbine's developer, is also investigating projects in other parts of the UK and Ireland, as well as in North America.

Turbine Developer Says It Has Significant Lead Over Rivals
Martin Wright the managing director of MCT took the opportunity to tout his company’s comparative lead,

[SeaGen] demonstrates, for the first time the commercial potential of tidal energy as a viable alternative source of renewable energy. As the first mover in tidal stream turbine development, we have a significant technical lead over all rival tidal technologies that are under development.

via: BBC News
image: Marine Current Turbines
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