Score One For the Stupid Fuel: Ohio Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Plant Gets Final Permitting

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Here's a first for the United States that isn't so great for the environment... I'm sure Baard Energy is thrilled.

The final permits required to build Ohio's first coal to liquids fuel plant have been granted. This gives the regulatory go ahead for Baard's planned construction of the Ohio River Clean Fuels project, a $6 billion 53,000 gallon per day facility which will convert a mixture of coal and biomass to diesel, jet fuel and naphtha. The plant will be located on the Ohio River in Wellsville, Ohio.

Baard further describes the procedure:Coal & Biomass Turned Into Syngas, Then Fuel

The plant, when fully constructed, will blend coal and biomass and gasify this feedstock to produce a pure stream of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This stream, call synthesis gas, or "syngas" will next be converted in a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) section and produce ultra-clean, renewable diesel & jet fuel as well as naphtha, a low-octane gasoline that will be used as a feedstock in the chemical industry.

The plant is expected to be constructed in three phases, with the first phase to be completed in 2012 and the facility full completed by 2015.

Coal-To-Liquids Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Despite this project's name, let's not forget that coal-to-liquids is hardly a clean process. In fact the greenhouse gas emissions of burning diesel created from this process are about 50% higher than burning conventionally-produced diesel fuel. And even if 90% of the emissions from the plant itself were sequestered, the well-to-wheels emissions of diesel produced from coal would still be 8% higher than conventionally produced diesel. Not only that, but coal-to-liquids consumes three times as much water as does making conventional gasoline.

Still wondering why TreeHugger once called coal-to-liquids The Stupid Fuel?

More at: Baard Energy (press release)

via: Reuters
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