Scofflaw Biodiesel Makers Take Note, It's Now Cheaper to Come Clean in California

waste vegetable oil biodiesel photo

That’s waste vegetable oil biodiesel in that coffee pot. Photo: Jon Eby.

Not having a car myself, and living in a small New York City apartment, the desire to make my own biodiesel from cooking waste oil is one which has not arisen in me. That said, a growing number of people are looking to DIY fuel to power their vehicles. A new law signed by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last Friday makes it a less expensive to be on the right side of the law when collecting used kitchen oil. How much will it now cost home biodiesel makers to come in from the cold, read on:Over 75% Reduction in Fees For Personal Use
Prior to the bill’s signing, it cost a total of $400 to register a vehicle to transport used cooking oil, now as a result of Assembly Bill 1846 the fee for an individual to receive a license to transport waste kitchen oil has been reduced to $75. The law takes effect on January 1, 2009.

Who Out There is Waste Oil Outlaw
Now, how many of you that were considering making your own biodiesel from used cooking oil even considered that you might need a license to transport the stuff? While paying taxes on DIY road fuels is fairly well known, it would never have occurred to me that for personal use transporting the raw material itself would be regulated. Well, at least it’s less expensive to get a license now.

Come on TreeHugger readers, how many of you have skirted the law on this one? No names need. Just a show of virtual hands in the comments section.

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