SchwarmStrom In Your Basement - How German Is It?

mini turbine power plant photo

Technician of German automaker Volkswagen's adjusts a mini gas-fired power plant... Image credit:AFP/DDP/Nigel Treblin, via Yahoo News

The logic behind this residential power technology - the "SchwarmStrom," a micro-turbine in the basement that provides all the electricity and heat you need, and let's you sell power back to the grid - is so inescapably powerful that I can hardly imagine it catching hold in the USA. Advantages: reduced GHG footprint due to higher total fuel economy; reduced need for new central power plants; no need for cooling water; added security by scattering the power production sites widely.Yahoo news carried the story: Home power plants project unveiled in Germany

An ambitious project was unveiled in Germany on Wednesday to install mini gas-fired power plants in people's basements and produce as much electricity as two nuclear reactors within a year.

The Hamburg-based renewable energy group Lichtblick and its automaker partner Volkswagen say the plants would produce not only heating and hot water but also electricity, with any excess power fed into the local grid.

Why do I not see this happening in the USA? Mainly because it will be one more reason for utilities to show angry-teeth over market share-reducing distributed power proposals. For explanation see: Trend Watch: Utilities Showing Teeth To Rooftop Solar Advocates ...
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