Saudi Arabia Aims For 41 GW Solar Power By 2032

Saudi Arabia and renewable energy probably doesn't roll off your tongue right now. Despite more than ample solar sources, the nation has been slow to tap into them, and has tried obstructing international agreements which would price out of the market its also ample (if not expanding) reserves of fossil fuels. But that's all about to change.

Under a new renewable energy plan, Saudi Arabia aims to install 41 GW of solar power by 2032, PV Magazine reports. Of that total, 16 GW will be solar PV, with the remaining 25 GW as solar thermal power plants.

In its statement announcing the plan, the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy said it hopes to turn the nation into "the Kingdom of Sustainable Energy," adding that, "The main objectives of the program are a reduction in oil burned for power production as well as the establishment of a local solar industry and the creation of jobs."

The Saudi plan is one of if not the most ambitious solar power plan outlined by any nation now, in terms of installed capacity. The next largest that jumps to mind is India's National Solar Mission, which aims for 20 GW of solar power over the next ten years.

More details of the KA-CARE program: PV Magazine

Better late to the game than missing it entirely. And if the jobs are like a good amount of other jobs in the Kingdom, they well may be filled by essentially migrant workers from South Asia, rather than native Saudis.

Now, if they just made some progress on that whole letting women drive thing...

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