Santa Clara's University Buys 11,256 Megawatt-Hours of Clean Energy

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Over 1/3 of the University's Electricity Use
ideally, higher education establishments should show the way and be at the forefront of societal changes. These days, one way to do that is by going green (or at least greener). The #1 among universities for wind power usage is still the University of Pennsylvania, but Santa Clara's University is doing its part: It just announced the purchase of 11,256 megawatt hours of renewable energy, "equal to the annual output of three and a half large-scale wind turbines", or over 1/3 of the University's electricity use.

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Green Power
The green power was bought from Silicon Valley Power (SVP), the City of Santa Clara's municipal electric utility.

"This purchase is just one of many actions the University is taking to develop a culture of sustainability for our students, faculty, and staff," says Lindsey Cromwell, Sustainability Coordinator for Santa Clara University. "The Santa Clara Green Power program provides an opportunity to support renewable energy, a major initiative as we strive to reduce the University's environmental impact."

The carbon dioxide reduction for the purchase is equivalent to planting 6,003 acres of trees or taking 1,560 cars off the road every year.

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