San Francisco Solar Map Wins 2008 Renewable Energy Innovation Award

image: SF Solar Map

Yesterday I wrote about CH2M Hill developing solar power potential maps for 25 US cities with the help of some US Department of Energy money. Though each will be tailored to the local requirements of each city, they will be based off the company's innovative work in San Francisco on the uber-cool San Francisco Solar Map.

I'm not the only one that thinks the idea of solar (or any renewable energy...) mapping for the consumer is a great idea though. So does the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, which has awarded the San Francisco Solar Map a 2008 Innovation Award. Here are the details:The IREC calls the SF Solar Map an "unbiased educational resource and provides a one-stop shop for the community with fact sheets, local solar resources, and information about solar incentives."

10,000 Solar Roofs by 2012
Johanna Partin, the renewable energy program manager for the city of San Francisco, describes what the solar map has enabled the city to do:

CH2M Hill's solar mapping solution will help the City and County of San Francisco reach its goal of 10,000 solar roofs by 2012. This would give the city an annual savings of more than $7 million in energy costs and an annual carbon savings of almost 46,000,000 pounds—the equivalent of taking more than 3,500 vehicles off the road.

Other Award Winners
Other projects given Innovation Awards by the IREC include: an Aquatic Biomass to Fuel project in Santa Rosa, California; the California Center for Sustainable Energy; and the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Site Assessment Service.

Information on these, as well as projects receiving Special Recognition Awards, can be found at: IREC 2008 Award Winners
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