San Antonio Utility Negotiating Another 400MW of Solar in Next 5 Years

San Antonio, Texas has already seen plans for a 50MW solar farm grow to 400MW due to falling installation costs, and it's also seeing mainstream home builders offering solar on new homes. Now the city looks set to take another step toward a truly clean energy future, as Reuters reports that the local utility, CPS Energy, is negotiating on a deal to build another 400MW of solar capacity in the next 5 years. It's all part of a much larger plan:

Wednesday's announcement caps an 11-month effort by San Antonio officials to attract a solar manufacturer to the city and to boost use of emission-free power to meet a 20 percent target of 1,500-megawatts by 2020. City officials said the economic development proposal could involve $100 million in capital investment and 800 new jobs.

Of course, in the interests of encouraging friendly competition, we should note that Reuters also reports that Austin Energy has committed to a 35% renewables goal by 2020. Either way, this is impressive stuff. We look forward to more of the same.

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