Sacramento Hospital Goes 50% Solar with 736-Kilowatt Array

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Solar Powered Hospital: Healthy & Clean
Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital in Sacramento, California, is part of the Sutter Health organization, a not-for-profit group of hospitals and other health care service providers, has decided to go solar. Or at least, half-solar. 50% of its electricity needs will be provided by a 736-kilowatt solar array installed over the employee parking lot (probably shading the cars, reducing the need for air conditioning) and with a ground-mounted tracking system on the adjacent property.

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Mitch Hanna, Chief Administrative Officer of Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, said:

Over the past few years we’ve been looking for innovative ways to strategically manage our energy and help the environment. As health care professionals it is important that we promote good health in the community and support a healthy environment as well.

Third-Party Finance and Maintenance Agreement

Under the terms of of their contract for the solar power system, Tioga Energy will finance, own and operate the solar array (which will be designed and built by SPG Solar), and Sutter Auburn Faith will simply purchase the power generated at predictable rates for the contract term.

The hospital will benefit from immediate electricity savings and a long-term hedge against future electricity price volatility. Everybody's happy, including nature.

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