Rooftop Wind Turbines

Renewable Devices of Scotland has developed a small, quiet rooftop-mounted wind turbine with an output if 1.5Kw and its not much more conspicuous than a satellite dish. Even so, Views of Scotland, an umbrella organisation representing wind farm protesters, complains, saying the constant swishing will drive neighbours crazy. Those of us who feel like spiking the condensers of our neighbours' central air conditioning units on a quiet summer night would happily trade for this.

The government of Scotland "is committed to meeting its ambitious target of 40% of electricity generated in Scotland from renewable sources by 2020 — tackling climate change and creating new green jobs. We will do this by the development of a mix of renewable energy sources including marine, tidal, biomass and wind. These will be delivered through both large and small-scale projects"

It is providing subsidies to homeowners to bring the cost of the wind turbines down to under £1,000 and is issuing planning guidlines to tell municipalities to approve the use of the turbines and to ignore the whiners and complainers. If only more governments were so responsible. ::Renewable Resources via ::Sustainablog by [LA]