Rooftop Solar Power Installations to Receive Generous French Feed-In-Tariff

rooftop solar panels photo

If it were in France, this solar power installation would be receiving more money for the electricity it generates. Photo: Chris Muezer

Compared to its neighbors to the east, southeast and southwest, France has lagged behind in promoting solar power—though it has a backlog of some 400 MW of solar installations, it only has about 18 MW currently online. That’s all about to change with the introduction of a substantial feed-in-tariff for commercial solar installations. The hope is to make good on Minister for Energy and the Environment Jean-Louis Borloo’s promise to increase France’s supply of solar generated electricity by 400% (5,400 MW) by 2020.

Here’s how much solar power installations will be getting as part of the feed-in-tariff:Under the tariff commercial buildings will be receiving €0.45/kWh (US $0.57/kWh), with limit on the size of commercial rooftop projects which will be eligible for the tariff. The amount of the tariff will be reevaluated in 2012.

Residential and ground-mounted tariffs will remain at €0.33/kWh (US $0.38/kWh); building integrated tariffs will be set at €0.55/kWh (US $0.70/kWh).

via: Renewable Energy World
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