Rooftop Revolution: Go Solar to Save Money, Make a Difference

Building a clean energy economy takes more than a village, it takes a million rooftops - and so we're moving forward with that action via a rooftop solar revolution.

Sierra Club members are at the ready to stop environmental destruction, be it from coal, nukes, oil, and other destructive actions such as irresponsible development And so we’re harnessing the power of our 1.4 million members and supporters and putting it toward something good.

The Solar Homes Program is a partnership between the Sierra Club and one of the country’s leading rooftop-solar providers, Sungevity, to help members and supporters go solar, save money, and cut carbon pollution. Here's the revolutionary part: Thanks to innovative solar-leasing, you can put panels on your roof for very little or no money down.

The program started last year in California but was so successful that we've now launched it in five other states: Arizona, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York. And we're planning to expand to other states soon. In addition, local Sierra Club chapters run programs in Oregon and Delaware.

If you don't live in one of these seven states, you can still help by telling someone you know who does about the program. We will keep working hard to win clean energy victories to bring solar to your state soon.

We’re already hearing from people who are thrilled about their lower energy bills and the difference their solar panels are making. "Five months later, we've already noticed a significant reduction in our electricity bill," said one California family.

People are also happy about the low upfront costs that make it affordable to go soalr: "We were reluctant because of the cost we thought would be involved, but we ended up surprised at how affordable the lease option was for us," said another California family.

[Our own Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune joined the rooftop revolution as well and will soon have solar panels on his roof.]

How did we pick Sungevity as our partner for this program? We talked to many of our clean tech contacts, labor contacts, and other allies to settle on an initial list. Sungevity rose to the top for many reasons, including their excellent reputation and strong financial backing. They were willing to give our members a great price guarantee as well as a generous referral payment to the Sierra Club (which we can use to continue working for more clean energy solutions and to protect our air and water).

Will you join us? Be part of the rooftop revolution with this climate and clean energy solution.

Rooftop Revolution: Go Solar to Save Money, Make a Difference
Rooftop solar is becoming cheaper - so the Sierra Club is starting a rooftop revolution.

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