RoofRay Online Solar Power Calculator Adds New Social Modeling Features

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The RoofRay online solar power calculator is really a pretty cool idea: Virtually tinker with different solar panel configurations on your home's roof before even talking with a solar installer. Now RoofRay has launched a new social modeling feature that makes calculating that potential for surrounding houses a bit easier. Want to buy a new home, check out it's solar power potential:As RoofRay points out, it's pretty easy to figure out the solar power potential of your own home, estimate what percentage of your power could be met through solar and what effect that will have on your utility bill. After all, you know how much you're paying now. But to really make calculating the solar power potential of other homes more accurate a bit more data is required.

The More People Use It, The More Accurate It Gets
That's where the new Social Modeling Application comes in. Chris Bura, RoofRay founder:

To make 'social modeling' work we need to provide relevant and compelling information when usage is not known. We've come up with a creative way to solve this by integrating the Zillow API to get basic home stats and combining that with our internal algorithm that includes items such as existence of pool, local utility rates, etc.  And what's really cool is that the algorithm learns.  As users over-write what our algorithm comes up with, it can grow smarter.

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