Romantic & Green: Illinois Couple Buys Solar Power System Using Wedding Registry

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I do... Want Solar Power
Our friends at the Daily Green have a nice heart-warming story about Sarah and Kiril Lozanov, a young couple who decided to use their wedding registry to go solar. They couldn't afford the 1.7kw solar system needed to power their 800 sq. ft. condo by themselves.

"As we curled up to create our gift registry, we talked about the kind of life we wished to lead," recalled Sarah Lozanov, a renewable energy specialist at Solar Servicein Illinois. "We thought about the clean, healthy world we value, and concluded that the only thing really wanted was a solar system," she said.

Read on to find out how they educated their families about solar power and what commitments they had to make to their homeowner's association.

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A Solar Plan for the Future
Here's how they did it:

First, they created a wedding registry through a blog site where they described in detail the solar system they wished to acquire, along with the economic and environmental benefits it would reap for them on an ongoing basis. [...]

After reading of the Losanov's plans, the majority of their 75 wedding guests enthusiastically contributed to their solar fund. Sarah and Kiril identified government incentives to cover the balance of their project. A State of Illinois solar rebate check defrayed 30% of the system cost and a federal tax credit yielded $2,000. The two incentives offset the solar system cost by about 50 percent. [...]

They also had to reassure their homeowner's association that the solar system on the roof wouldn't be a problem. They made several promises:

  • No penetrations of the roof membrane
  • Keep wiring out of sight
  • Contain system components (the AC disconnect, for example) within their respective condominium unit

Their solar panels often generates surplus electricity during the day. Because it doesn't have batteries and is plugged into the grid, that surplus is pumped back in the grid and helps reduce their electricity bill (Illinois has net-metering).

Via Daily Green
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